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Five words embrace our philosophy.
We call them the 5-C’s . . .

CARE is our defining principle.  We are committed to the patient-centered approach which fosters a caring, personal relationship between the pharmacist and the patient.

CONVENIENCE is our second key principle.  Patients deserve timely, accessible and efficient care. Our policies and procedures are designed to minimize unnecessary waiting while still ensuring the highest level of quality.

COST-EFFECTIVENESS is our third guiding principle.  We recognize our obligation to achieve the highest possible quality of care at the lowest possible cost.

CONFIDENTIALITY is our fourth guiding principle.  The medical information our patients and their physicians share with us represents a sacred trust. We pledge to safeguard that information and to use it exclusively in the fulfillment of our professional responsibilities.

COMMUNICATION is our fifth paramount principle.  Complete satisfaction on departure about your medication is a total commitment of Randol Mill Pharmacy. Questions about dosage, possible side effects, how more that one drug can affect another…..Ask us if it is not perfectly clear!