What Compounding Means For Your Doctor & You . . .

When dealing with the experts at Randol Mill Pharmacy, you are no longer held to what is commercially available. You can have medications in the strengths and dosages needed, which many times is impossible with commercially available drugs.

Quite often, allergy-sensitive people have problems with fillers, dyes, binders, sugars and other additives. These problems can be avoided by having a customized medication. By being able to titrate a dose or reformulate a medication, we can enhance the quality of health care. And while compounding takes time researching, measuring, mixing, etc.- the result is a quality, stable medication.

We have the desire and are able to meet any request, no matter how odd it may seem. Compounding may be the answer to a problem you are having.

We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and to discuss your needs. Randol Mill Pharmacy can be your problem solver.

Tell us your needs and we'll work with you. Just give us a call.

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